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Establishing proper diagnosis and treatment planning are essential to the success of the overall treatment as part of the standard quality of care. A meticulously developed treatment plan includes proper analysis of multiple records (radiographs, photographics, dental/ scanning) as well as clinical judgment and clinician expertise and training. A comprehensive diagnosis derived from properly analyzed diagnostic records backed up with evidence-based practice as well as long term data from outstanding clinicians/ experts can reduced the mistake in the treatment being delivered as well as act as guidelines to make modification treatment as it progresses.

FMBO/Data services formally known as RMO-Data Services was originally created in the early 60’s with the objective of helping clinicians understand the patient’s craniofacial and dental conditions based on individualized norms (exclusive to FMODS). The system is considering growth as the main factor and individualizes the patient based on age, race and gender providing the clinician with valuable results and guidelines to an individualized treatment plan based on the doctor’s standards.


About the Foundation of Modern Bioprogressive (FMBO)

In 1950 a visionary Dr. RM Ricketts started his specialty training in Orthodontics at the University of Illinois Chicago. Under the influence of head leaders like Drs. Allan Brodie and William Downs he devoted his orthodontics career to expand the specialty to new dimensions. Several years later, he developed the Bioprogressive Therapy Philosophy as an option and an answer to many limitations that were surrounding the specialty during that time.

Initiated by previous administrator of RMO, several practicing orthodontists and researcher as part of the mission in preserving the legacy of Dr RM Ricketts (bioprogressive) orthodontic treatment philosophy, the foundation was established in 2012.

The foundation mission is not only to preserve the teaching, philosophy and legacy of the work of Dr R.M Ricketts and many legendary clinicians but also to continuously enhance the diagnosis and treatment for better quality of patient care using evidenced-based treatment approached.

Affiliated with faculty and researchers from University of Illinois Chicago the Foundation not only perform join research but also many continuing education nationally and internationally since 2015. Many scientific publications in the peer reviewed international journals have been released as a result of this collaboration (see publication list inside).

The system is based on Bioprogressive Philosophy developed by Dr. Robert Ricketts and many other experts following Dr Ricketts’ works. 
Over the years, the system has undergone several updates and enhancements. Currently, FMODS has analyzed more than 1,000,000 cases through all these years in hands of specialists that have more than 35 years of experience with this system.

The services we provide are the following :

• Lateral and Frontal Tracings.

In this lateral and frontal tracing several cephalometric analysis (such as Ricketts, Jarabak, Steiner, Downs, Sassouni, Grummons) as well as its interpretation can be produced. Both static and dynamic cephalometric analysis can be calculated along with each parameter deviation based on patient’s profile to individualize the interpretation.

• Upper and Lower Arch Analysis

This analysis can help the clinician not only to visualize but also to precisely calculate space needed in either growing patient or adults as well as other predictors needed such as Bolton value which will be useful to estimate the amount of IPR when needed.

• Most popular analysis Airway Analysis. 

This analysis provides insight to the clinician on the potential airway obstruction.

• Visual Norms is an individualized computer composite or a normal population selected by age, gender and race, enables the practice to visualize the patient’s abnormalities by superimposition and image on the tracing. Having a visual norm will act as GPS to the clinician of possible outcome with or without treatment, especially when growth simulation is needed. The precision of the growth prediction has been studied in multiple evidenced-based publication such as Sagun Et.Al (2015).

• Comprehensive Cephalometric Description is a report generated for lateral and frontal tracings, with over 100 measurements to the individual norms for diagnosis. Based on the built-in expert system and dynamic algorithms designed by clinicians (including Dr Ricketts), individualized plan and interpretation can be calculated.

• Growth Forecast to Maturity: Treated and Untreated. Is a simulation of the expected profile, skeletal development and dentition. Present the 3rd molar space analysis and expected space available. Patient height to maturity. Long term treatment plan. Many treatment can benefit by early intervention and growth modification which when properly timed can reduce the need of extraction and/or surgery.

• Visual Treatment Objective (VTO) Is an individualized post treatment goal taking in consideration existing skeletal morphology, limitation of skeletal change, expected growth, occlusal function, aesthestics, arch form, crowding, doctor’s treatment philosophy and mechanics, extraction or non-extraction and treatment stability.

• Treatment Design Shows the tooth and skeletal changes required to achieve the Visual Treatment Objective. To help in visualizing the treatment end result not only as mean of guidance to the clinician but also to explain the treatment possible outcome to the patient.

• Sequence Worksheet Shows treatment by stages including realistic estimate of the length of treatment based on variety of treatment and mechanics.

In 2023, It has been 2 years since RMODS being obtained and operated by the Foundation of Modern Bioprogressive

and its data service (FMBO/DS).

In those time frame we have made significant enhancement not only in our data service but also in our research and education. Since last year we have release our FMBO mobile app PlayStore & AppleStore which has many functions available for our user.
Through the utilization of the FMBO/DS app user can also perform not only this preliminary data service as guidelines to treatment BUT also features such as teledentistry consultation, request appointment to your clinic by patients using the app, some promotion and marketing features, QR code check-in and many more. In the coming spring 2023, the FMBO/DS will be featuring its licensing technology of DR ANNIE™ -
Digital Research Artificial Neural Network Intelligence Expert (a patented and trademarked technology with years of development based on thousands of treated and analyzed cases)


Specifically, this nonprofit corporation is organized and operated to create a collection of evidence based orthodontic information for the purpose of research, preservation of legacy collection and education that promotes the overall oral health and well-being of the public at large, and to establish a community of resource sharing, research, and general information about the benefits of the Bioprogressive philosophy that can be utilized to enhance the quality of orthodontic care throughout the world.



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Completion of the 10 years journey of digitally archiving as well as data mining project (cataloging and categorization) of the treatment philosophy of Bioprogressive (Dr R.M Ricketts), a collection of Big data of over 20.000 cases world wide treated with similar philosophy for early treatment and early intervention for managing dental malocclusion. This work continues and being used as baseline of many research project thereafter (2015-2018).


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